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Eastern Nights & Northern Lights

Wow - time flies when you're having fun (or just really busy!).

I told myself to dedicate time for 1 blog post a month, yet here I am 5 months late...yeah I know. Anyways a lot has happened and several books (and series) have been narrated. The series that got me my 'start' so to speak in the next level higher-quality writing is the Golden Compass Series by Lise Gold. She is special in that her tales are female driven and focus on the intimacy and slow connection between 2 characters from different worlds.

The first book in the series is Northern Lights, one I narrated back in December. A cute and cozy Christmas special taking place in Norway. It revolves around 2 women that meet while on vacation in the Norwegian tundra. Hannah is a workaholic chef with her own London restaurant and Kristine is a sweet but driven bank manager from small town Louisiana.

Fast forward through igloos, sled-dog races, Christmas cookie creations, and getting locked out of their rooms in the freezing cold, and you have a heartfelt goodbye and the hang on for Book 2.

{Book 2 = Southern Roots = Magic!}

Eastern Nights is Book 3, which in my completely partial opinion is my favorite in the series. One because Thai Ladyboys. Two because two monogomy-hating women actually find themselves having feelings for more than just a lusty one-nighter. And three because there is constant talk of Thai cuisine, which I mean has me drooling as I read. This book centers around Felicia, a fitting model for athletic gear based in Bangkok and Kate, a power-hungry interior designer on her way to big things in New Orleans. Can they make a go of things being across the world from each other? I don't'll have to read it. Or more accurately listen to me read it to you

Available on Audible & Amazon now

Peace + Love + Listen

- Addison

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