Eastern Nights & Northern Lights

Wow - time flies when you're having fun (or just really busy!). I told myself to dedicate time for 1 blog post a month, yet here I am 5 months late...yeah I know. Anyways a lot has happened and several books (and series) have been narrated. The series that got me my 'start' so to speak in the next level higher-quality writing is the Golden Compass Series by Lise Gold. She is special in that her tales are female driven and focus on the intimacy and slow connection between 2 c

New Year - New Me

It's 2019, a new year. Everyone's talking about it. Their resolutions. Everything is mostly the same here though. Audiobooks are being recorded, edited, and produced. (Hooray!) But the first book I'm narrating this year is a new genre - Military Romance! I get the pleasure of recording a new character, which is always exciting for me. Her name is Mic and she is a Staff Sergent for a Secret Ops team. Surrounded by men, she is a bit of a Tomboy herself, but it's immune to the