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Provoke Me - Oh Vamps

Hey Audio book listeners, lovers, extraordinaires! It's time for a new audio book announcement.

The (literary) world seems to be enchanted by them, and I cannot seem to get enough of them either. Magical creatures, retracting fangs, blood suckers, yeah yeah you get it. Vampires - or now to Millenials - Vamps.

My next release, which I'm really looking forward to, is the second book in the mystical series about a badass Vampire Slaying human. The title is Provoke Me, by Elena Lawson.

It's about a strong and fast and more than capable female vampire huntress; staking vampires with her stiletto heels if she must!

The vampire community calls her The Black Rose, but her friends call her Rose. In this episode, Rose is captured by the most ancient of vampires and locked away from her friends (and lover(s)?). Grab yourself a copy to download in the coming weeks to see how Rose manages being locked away in a cave, with an ancient, mind-reading vamp!

The audio book has been approved by Amazon and Audible, so we are looking at a release date of late January 2020. Woohoo!

P.S. If you would like to join my fan club - or you enjoy my work (thanks!) - feel free to email me for a free download on Audible! Can't get enough positive reviews and fans!

Peace + Joy,


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