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Ruins of Chaos - Audio Sneak Peak!!

The marvelous Troy Duran and I have finished the third installment in the Legacy of the Nine Realms series by Amelia Hutchins!

I had such a great time voicing Aria. She's snarky, deep and fortunately - and unfortunately - in love with a strong man disguised as an asshole. I know some of you desperately want to know what happens to Aria and Knox, and boy are you in for some tasty whiplash with this one!!

There's lots of hate and running (and love), there's battles with bitches - oops witches - whatever same thing, there's fierce tête-à-têtes, there's comic relief, and there just might be some serious secrets getting unveiled?! You'll have to tune in to find out.

Enjoy a sample from the audio - releasing in Feb 2022!!

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