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Magnolia Bay Memories Sneak Peek!

So excited to share this sneak peek with you from my time in the audio booth working on Book 2 of the Magnolia Bay series. I really love all of the characters in this book, they each have such different personalities, it makes inventing voices so easy!

I also really appreciate when an author lets me continue a series even though the story moves on to another couple's love story. It provides continuity for the listener and its a joy for me to get to voice the cast again.

Reva, Abby and Quinn are back as secondary characters, but the main focus this book is on Adrian and Heather. Heather is a recently widowed stay at home mom with 3 kids who is just starting to work at the Magnolia Bay Animal Shelter. Adrian is Quinn's college buddy from back in the day providing some pro bono advertisement help for the animal shelter project. It's obvious from the get- go that these two have a spark, but that doesn't stop them from trying to deny it exists. (Though everyone else can see it!)

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